5 Home Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

The lighting in your home can completely transform its personality, but too often, the wrong lighting can make your home seem uninviting. Here are five common lighting mistakes you could be making, and how to avoid them.

Too many bright overhead lights

Bright, artificial lighting can make your home look stark and severe. Ideally, aim for a more natural-looking light or one that can be dimmed for a softer look. Dimmers can help you achieve just the right amount of light, no matter what time of day it is, and can make your home feel more warm and inviting.

Lighting only one part of the room

If you’re only relying on overhead lights, you’re not doing your home any justice. Lighting should be used to highlight your home’s best assets as much as it is used for practical purposes. Consider adding some uplights to brighten dark corners, add a few table lamps for isolated bursts of illumination, and even consider adding lights at floor level for nighttime use so you can see where you’re walking.

Too much recessed lighting

A little of a good thing goes a long way, but if you add too many recessed lights, your ceiling and walls start to feel off-balance. Besides, changing recessed bulbs can be a pain, so limit yourself to a few carefully placed recessed lights for maximum impact.

Forgetting about wattage

The higher the wattage, the brighter the bulb, but do you really need 100 watts in your dining room? Sometimes bright lights are great, like in the kitchen while you’re cooking, or in the living room during the day while you want to read or study. However, you really want a softer light in bedrooms or in the dining room while you’re eating, so unless you have a dimmer (they really are so useful), buy different watts for different purposes to make your home as comfortable as possible

Ignoring closets and storage spaces

If you’ve ever dug around blindly in your closet for your favourite top or pawed through various pieces of junk in a storage closet hoping to find what you’re looking for, you probably know how important it is to have adequate lighting in these forgotten areas. If you don’t have a light fixture in these rooms, install a battery-powered one or have an electrician install a proper light. You’ll be glad you did.

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