5 Ways to Deter Possible Home Buyers and How to Avoid Them

You’ve decided to sell your home and you’ve contacted a realtor to get the process started. Maybe you’ve even had one or two people interested in viewing your house, but they don’t get as far as making an offer. Could you be doing something wrong? Here are five ways you could be deterring possible home buyers, and how you can avoid them.

Inaccurate representation in your listing

The fastest way to turn off a buyer is to lie to them, so don’t misrepresent what your home actually has to offer. Don’t try to sell your home as ‘spacious’ if your space is really small and cozy. If your realtor tries to over-impress by padding your home’s listing, you might want to find a new realtor.


Dirt is great–in your garden–but if your home is dirty, dusty, and generally unkempt, buyers will probably be turned off. Your regular cleaning routine probably won’t cut it, either. You need to go the extra mile to make your home look impeccable, from steam-cleaning carpets and furniture to scrubbing the grout between your tiles. Spring clean the house from top to bottom, indoors and out, before you ever schedule your first showing.

Stinky odors

Fido may be man’s best friend, but when it comes to selling your home, it’s better for your pets to be out of sight and out of ‘smell.’ Pet odors are a major turn-off for potential homebuyers. So are stinky garbage, moldy carpets, and damp, musty basements. If any of these types of odors greet your buyers, they may run the other way.

Clear out pet scents by removing your pets from the home for a few days before you show the house. If this isn’t practical, try restricting them to one room or even the garage. Thoroughly clean your home to remove any lingering pet smells and consider using scented candles or air fresheners to neutralize any remaining odors.

Keeping your home too personal

Buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in your home, but it’s hard for them to do that with tons of family photos, artwork from the kids, and your bowling trophies filling the rooms. Pack up most of your personal things, leaving out only a few tasteful pieces.

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