Best Home Improvements to Sell My Home for More

Everyone wants to get top dollar for their home when they sell it, and sometimes that means having to make a few home improvements to maximize your profits. How do you know which improvements give you the best return on your investment? Here are the best home improvements to sell your home for more money.

Update or add a bathroom

If your home has only one bathroom, adding another can make your home much more attractive to buyers, especially if your house has several bedrooms. Bathrooms get a lot of daily use, so buyers are willing to spend more money on a home with great bathrooms.

Even updating your existing bathroom can net you a big return on your investment. New countertops, a new bathtub or larger standing shower, and new tiles can all be great investments that will help you get more for your home.


Besides bathrooms, kitchens are the other ‘big money’ room that buyers are looking at. The hub of the home, an outdated kitchen will be a big turnoff, but a sleek, stylish one will have buyers opening their wallets. Opt for traditional upgrades like wooden doors and cabinets, commercial-look appliances, and stone or wooden floors.

Essential upgrades

Most homebuyers have a certain amount of money budgeted for the purchase of their home and another smaller amount set aside for repairs and upgrades. Most do not want to spend the second figure on repairing and replacing home ‘essentials’ like the roof or the boiler. If these need repairs, go ahead and tackle those. You’ll be able to negotiate a higher asking price if the new homeowners won’t have to shell out for these immediately after buying the house.

Boosting curb appeal

First opinions matter a lot, and if your home doesn’t have great curb appeal, buyers won’t be willing to pay as much. Fortunately, you can spruce up your landscaping without spending a ton of money, but if you have serious cosmetic issues like missing siding or cracked pavement in your driveway, you may have to shell out more money than you can recoup.

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