Decluttering Tips for People who are Preparing to Sell Their Home

One of the biggest turn-offs for homebuyers is walking into a cluttered space. It’s just too difficult for many people to imagine themselves living in a house that’s already filled with other people’s belongings. Fortunately, it’s not hard to declutter your home and boost its appeal to buyers. Here are some simple decluttering tips for people who are preparing to sell their home.

Tackle one room at a time

Imagine you’re walking into your home for the first time–what’s the first thing you’ll see? Start with the first room buyers will see and work your way through the house. By focusing on one room at a time, you can give each room your full attention and make the entire house look neat and inviting.

Toss or keep

There’s no better time to toss out items you just don’t use than right before you sell your home. It will make packing a lot easier for you and make your home more attractive to buyers. Use the same approach you’d use if you were clearing out your closet–create a ‘toss’ pile and a ‘keep’ pile, then add items accordingly. Consider donating the ‘toss’ pile to charity or having a yard sale to clear the clutter and add a few dollars to your pocket.

Consider renting storage

If you have too much furniture for your home, or if you have items that you want out of the way while you’re trying to sell, consider renting a short term storage unit. You can store everything you don’t need in there and make your house feel much less cluttered. As an added bonus, if you box up these items, they’ll be ready for relocation to your new home when you’re ready to move in.

Remember why you’re decluttering

It may feel like an inconvenience now, but if it helps you sell your home more quickly, won’t it be worth it? Besides, you may find that you like the way your home feels sans clutter. You may even decide to keep your new place clutter free, at least for a little while.

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