Tools of the Trade: What you need for Home Renovations

If you want to tackle a little DIY renovation work, you’d better have the right tools for the job. Done right, home renovations can make your home more attractive to buyers and help you sell your home faster. Here are the ‘tools of the trade’ you’ll need to tackle those home renovations yourself.

Cordless drill/screwdriver

When it comes to power tools, cordless is the way to go, and there are probably a million uses for a cordless drill that make it a must have tool for any homeowner. If you plan on installing or removing shelves, hanging picture frames, or installing new cabinet doors, this tool can help with all of that and more. You could try and screw in screws by hand, but unless you want to wear yourself out, just choose a drill that allows you to change the attachment to fit your screws.

Stud sensor

A stud sensor is a great tool to have for a variety of reasons. If you want to hang picture frames, you need to use one to help find the best spot to anchor in your hangers. If you want to install a door or interior window, you need to know where your studs are before you ever start cutting.

A clawed hammer

The humble hammer serves so many purposes, it’s impossible to list them all. You’ll need it for tapping in nails, prying open paint lids, and demolition. This is a tool you’ll use for years, so invest in a good quality hammer with a grip to help avoid slippage.

Cordless power saws

Unless you like the idea of using a handsaw to cut through wood for your DIY projects, invest in a few power saws. A cordless jigsaw is good for cutting through planks of wood ‘freestyle’, and a cordless circular saw will help you cut straight lines like a pro. Just make sure you pay attention to safety and always wear safety goggles while using them.

Whatever renovations you undertake, make sure your home is sell-ready. Contact Prep n’ Sell for more tips and advice on getting your home ready to put on the market.