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We get it. You’re dedicated, educated and experienced. You do great work, but you’re in a dead-end job. You just can’t seem to get ahead.

Your employer profits from your dedication, creativity and hard work, yet the raise you’ve earned just doesn’t materialize. “It’s not the right time. Be happy you still have a job,” is what you hear, or worse, “We have to lay you off.” Yikes! You pour your heart and soul into projects while your boss gets the glory. You bring work home every night, but HR says you can’t take a couple of hours this afternoon to see your daughter’s ballet recital. You sacrifice all your time and energy for the good of your employer at the expense of you and your family, yet you never seem to get ahead.





WHOA, not so fast! Creating a Business from Scratch is not Easy

You want to start your own business, but there’s a lot involved. Do you have the time, money and energy to go through the start-up phase? Can you afford to wait while your business gets up to speed?



All this before you serve a single customer or collect a single cent in revenue! Sounds a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it? For an ADDED EXTRA-FUN BONUS, you get to make all the costly and time-consuming mistakes that any small business owner does (which is one reason most independent small businesses go out of business during the first five years). Hold on here. Wasn’t the idea to make your life better, not worse? You wanted to start your own business to have some freedom and enjoy your life. WE HAVE THE SOLUTION!


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Have you always secretly – or not-so-secretly – loved Home Renovation and Design?

If the answer is YES, we’re looking for people just like you to join our Prep’n Sell’s franchise system. Prep’n Sell franchisees work with homeowners and local real estate agents to prep homes for sale, so the homes sell faster and for more money. Franchisees don’t do the work themselves, but must understand the renovation process and have good project management skills, love networking and a passion for helping people in their own community.

How does it work? Simple: Prep’n Sell’s franchise business owners have the advantage of launching their businesses with most of the time-consuming and expensive start-up phase done for them. With Prep’n Sell, everything you need to start, run and grow your business is ready and waiting for you. We train you in our system and you’re up and running in a very short time. We back you up with continuous mentorship and coaching. Even after you launch, we manage all your digital marketing needs. This allows you to concentrate on running the nuts and bolts of your business – networking with people who will refer projects to you, ensuring customer satisfaction and managing your team. Our franchisees get to be in business for themselves, and still enjoy being part of a bigger organization. Getting the best of both worlds is why statistics show that, unlike independent small business start-ups, the majority of Canadian franchised businesses are still going strong after five years.

With our low initial cost and low royalty, we’ve helped franchisees in multiple provinces across Canada execute our proven system. Let go of the limits everyone else has put on you and reach your true potential. It’s your turn to take charge of your future. LET’S DO THIS!


Never run a business before? We’ve got you! But don’t take our word for it!

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A Prep’n Sell Franchise Has Unlimited Earning Potential.
You Can Own Your Own Business for Under $50,000.


What People are Saying About Prep'n Sell

  • Our Realtor put us in touch with Prep’n Sell. They assessed the state of the house and provided a clear outline of what was needed to be done. Their work was incredible! The house sold in a few days at more than $90k over our asking.

    - David P, Executor -
  • Without your knowledge, insight, professionalism, and patience, we would never have been able to get through this. Everyone was a pleasure to work with.

    - Agnes & Dave, Homeowner -
  • From Installing new fixtures in a powder room, or a completing a laundry list of projects, we are always confident your work will be completed on time. You are our ‘Go To’ Guys!

    - Eileen S., Royal LePage -
  • I desperately needed a total kitchen renovation. It turned out better than I expected. My neighbors next door went with RENOmagic too!

    - Tim H., Homeowner -

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