Home Staging Tips for Home Sellers

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Home Staging Tips for Home Sellers

Home staging is essential for home sellers. Following are the key reasons:

  • Make a great first impression
  • Improve the price of the property
  • Reduce the listing time of the property

Prep‘n Sell™ home staging consultation is about more than where the pictures get hung. It also includes information on Downsizing, Reorganizing, Depersonalizing, Neutralizing, and Brightening, as well as picking out accessories and furniture that can turn an average home into a show home. Staging can transform even the most uninteresting room into a stylized and inviting space. Dollar for dollar, few home sale preparations can match the return on investment that professional staging will bring.

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Why Hire A Stager

  1. There is a difference between decorating a house and home staging. Home staging is done to artistically exhibit the home’s best features. A professional stager will know all the techniques for enhancing a room’s size or highlighting its best features. The Prep’n Sell™ experts know how to direct our stagers. Our experience has helped us figure out what to do, and what not to do.
  2. We have a pretty good idea what colors buyers prefer, how to re-organize and enhance, how much to spend on decorating, and all the little-known tricks to get your home on the road to becoming an ‘Offer Magnet’.
  3. Another benefit of using a home staging service is that the staging specialists have a large inventory of homewares and goods that can be quickly placed in the home for sale. This saves time, money and effort that is usually spent looking for lamps, accessories, and that special furniture piece that really stands out
Dave’s Toolbox TIP: Take a queen size bed out of a small bedroom and put in a single bed. Instantly the room gets bigger.

Here are some of the common home staging moves that almost all sellers need.

  • First, most rooms have way too much furniture in them. Walk through a builder’s open house in a new home showcase, and you will discover that they have outfitted the place with basic furniture and no more. For example; bedrooms should have a bed, dresser and mirror, two-night stands and possibly a highboy. In many client’s bedrooms, we also find hope chests, bookcases, wardrobes, desks, sewing machines and even filing cabinets that have to be moved to bring the room back to basic furniture. Once again, the way you live in your home is not the way you sell it. Some of these extra pieces can be moved to different rooms, but most of it will end up in temporary storage.
  • Most people can remember the first picture they hung on the wall of their new home. That is usually a fond memory. For some, it was so fond, that they kept hanging, and hanging, and hanging until all the walls in their home were completely covered. Others own the same big collection of wall hangings but leave them leaning against the wall (on the floor) with plans to actually affix them at some point. The walls are bare, but at least they have an idea of what they might look like. Both of these situations are quickly remedied by our staging crew using a wall hanging plan. The plan will guide what images should go together, what walls are used, and how pictures are arranged to create interest and balance.
  • Many homes are nicely styled, but slightly over the top in wall textures and colors. Stripes, special paint effects and murals, get dated in a few years and need to be painted over. Bold greens, reds, and blues always look impressive in the decorating ads, but seldom work in real life. Part of our task is to neutralize these loud areas and bring the room back into a natural and balanced harmony
Dave’s Toolbox TIP: Builders almost always use eggshell white, off white or light taupe colors when offering a new home for sale. Everyone loves neutral.

Agents regularly commented to me that staging a home was one of the easiest ways to bring out positive comments and buying interest from prospective buyers. It pays.


– David Collier