Expand your space whether you are selling or staying

Prep’n Sell has the ability and depth with our franchise network to offer you creative solutions on fixing up your home to sell or updating remodel.

Take a look here. This client had a 3rd floor bedroom that with only 6 feet of walkable space before the roof sloped down making almost half the room useless.

There was a small door to the deck out over the kitchen on the second floor.

After we reviewed the present space, and what could be done we presented our proposal to the client.

They thought is we brilliant and we started the Reno.

We removed the sloping wall, had to firm up the roof as it was being supported by the wall removed, and moved the wall out 12 inches to expand the room.

You can see where the wall used to be. We framed in the new wall with a base curb to hold the door and stop any water entering the room.

We installed the largest patio door we could get, 8 feet wide by 7 feet high. It made the room the best space in house! Bright and spectacular.

Then we removed the old deck, and took 4 layers of tar, 8 inches thick gravel off the roof to the wood roof I swear from when the house was built.

Anytime there was a leak, they just added another layer. Sheeted it with ¾ plywood, and installed a new water proof flat roof torched down and sealed to all edges.

We laid down foam supports to hold the new deck and built a beautiful new space with built in seating on one wall, 15 x 16 feet.

The client absolutely loved the new space and increased the value of the property over the cost of the renovation.