Long Weekend Home Makeover Checklist

Have you scheduled the experts?

Make the most out of your weekend and get those job done before the busy schedule kicks in. Going on vacation? it’s OK, because our trusted one call will promise you to finish up your job fully and in-time.

Bathroom makeover

There are short upgrades you can implement over the weekends. Such as putting a new faucet or fixing your shower or even line up the tiles and cleaning the tiles. Every bathroom is different and if you don’t want to upgrade it all at once then weekend jobs will surely get you there in time.


When was the last time you painted your kitchen cabinets or the single section of your house that looks odd. The weekends can be greatly utilized for minor paint jobs that you have been waiting to get done.

Roof Work

One weekend is not enough for your roof work. But you can use this time to research and get the quotes for the big project. Roofing takes lot of research and analysis. It is crucial part of your house that effects the value of your investment greatly too. However, you can fix up the minor wear and tear of the winter in this long weekend. NOTE: Call an expert!

Curb Appeal

Its that time of the year when you start working on your exterior. The weather is getting nicer and that only mean one thing – work on your curb appeal. Get those pavements done, clean the cubs with pressure wash or lay gravels wherever you see fit. If your driveway suffered serious injury during the winter you can get those done over the long weekend as well.


Weekends are the best time for interior and exterior cleaning. Consider booking a professional service who will can take care of your cleaning while taking care of other makeover jobs as well. That way you can hit two targets with one shot. Cleaning jobs such as gutters and window washing can be done over a day or two.


Let the pros pay you a visit and fix those minor handy jobs. Weekends are really useful for small projects such as fixing the lighting of the house, small works of kitchen cabinet, small stone work, fix up the garage door/house door, counter top work, small water leaking issues etc.


If you already have a fence it might need some inspection to see if all areas of the fence is still intact. If it needs some work utilize the weekend to make it un-penetrable. Time of different kind of fencing can vary. If you are considering getting rid-off the metal fence and put wood instead it can be a heavy duty job. If you have wood fencing it can take some alignment and fix up jobs too.

Deck Cleaning

Summer is almost around the corner and soon the deck will be used heavily. Time for fixing it up or give it a fresh look by painting them. Weekends are ideal for deck jobs done.


Depending on what you want to use your green area in this summer this is the best time to start the project. You might want gardening or vegetable corner or some rock job maybe. But to get those jobs done before summer you must act now.


Prep’n Sell has unique feature called ‘One Call’ solution. Which means we can handle all of the above or partial jobs for you. Give us a call to learn how do we make life easy for homeowners to improve their homes or for real estate agents to sell homes faster.

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