Modifying Space for the Handicap and Elderly

Handicapped people have many challenges in life and their home should not be one.

RENOmagic and Prep’n Sell are willing to do our best to make their environment easier for them to live in.

Even the Elderly would rather stay in the their own home than go to nursing home or the long stays in the hospital.

There are grants and assistance to help this be possible.

Here the person was confined to a wheel chair, washing and having to deal with a 2 piece on the main floor as the bedroom and main bathroom was upstairs.

We looked over the situation and converted the front porch, that was not used into a spacious bathroom, designed for someone in a wheel chair.

The shower even had a heat lamp with a sloping floor to drain the water.

From grab bars, to ramps we can make the space livable for the those the really need it.