Take a Look at our Industry

Of the 12.4 million households in Canada, more than 8.5 million families own their own homes.

According to the Vanier Institute, between 15% and 28% of Canadians under the age of 40 move each year. Prep’n Sell positions itself to help these homeowners at multiple stages

  • Homeowners who need help preparing their homes for sale
  • Homeowners who have recently purchased a new home and want to improve it
  • Homeowners who want to renovate to make their “forever” home more beautiful, functional or comfortable
  • Homeowners who want help with the many tasks and chores that must be done on a regular basis – the regular upkeep that’s needed to maintain a home’s value

The Real Estate industry continues to outperform most other sectors of the Canadian economy, making it another prime focus for businesses interested in growth potential

We network with local real estate agents
… it’s a win-win relationship!

Prep’n Sell operates in an industry that contributes roughly one-fifth of Canada’s GDP: the Home Renovation sector

Why not position your business to take advantage of these booming industries?

You might be surprised to learn that in 2018, over $78 Billion was spent in Canada in the home renovation sector

  • $17 Billion was spent on repairs and maintenance
  • $52 Billion was spent on alterations, additions and upgrades

Consider these facts:

  • It’s recommended that property owners spend between one-half and one percent of their property’s value on maintenance and upkeep annually
  • Real estate agents and most homeowners recognize that homes that have been renovated or improved sell for more money, which results in increased demand for renovation services
  • According to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), the number of real estate agents in Canada reached 108,706 during the first quarter of 2016. That’s one realtor for every 245 Canadians over the age of 19!

The bottom line is that our franchisees are well-positioned to benefit from a huge target market of potential customers:

  • Real Estate agents
  • their clients who are selling homes
  • their clients who have recently bought homes
  • homeowners wanting to maintain their home – their biggest asset – and increase their enjoyment of it

Take a Look at the Franchise Business Model

  • First, be your own boss – set your own flexible hours – don’t be chained to your desk
  • Align yourself with an established brand and promote your business through a consistent marketing strategy
  • Achieve success quickly using proven processes that work –a step-by-step method to keep you on track
  • Eliminate the confusion of researching, evaluating and decision making and all the associated unnecessary costs and loss of time that could have been spent generating profitable income
  • Spend less time on the “trying & erring” part of trial & error – skip ahead straight to success!
  • Be part of a team, get coaching, advice and feedback from people who intimately understand your business model
  • Benefit from inspiring leadership, the culture of an organization that celebrates and supports your successes – be in business for yourself, but not by yourself!

This is a great time to start a franchised business. The franchise industry is stronger than ever before, as shown in this infographic from the Canadian Franchise Association:

Take a Look at our proven business model
Take a Look at Prep’n Sell

Deciding to go into business for yourself is a big step. It takes time to do the necessary research before you can make a decision. Prep’n Sell understands this.

At this point, you may be wondering why you should buy into a franchise system like Prep’n Sell. That’s a good question! The biggest reason has to be our experience! Prep’n Sell started in 2002 as a small company and we went through the same growing pains as any first-time business would.

Over time, by trial and error (and with a little luck) we were able to pinpoint exactly what works and what doesn’t. Now that our business has matured, we have a system that can be replicated in other locations and territories. While we continuously refine our methods to keep up with the changing marketplace, we’ve found a system that works! We’ve done the hard part for you!

A National Canadian Brand

Prep’n Sell is growing a national brand in Canada. We earned the FRANCHISEES’ CHOICE AWARD in 2018. Our team of franchisee families are becoming a force to be reckoned with. We are still small enough to operate like a family, and our aim is to keep it that way as we grow. We strongly believe that no one person is smarter than all of us together. Together we are stronger as we celebrate our successes, brainstorm solutions to our challenges, and work together to ensure our collective success.

Low Costs, High Returns

This is a low cost, high margin unique franchise opportunity. This business operation is suitable for families where domestic partners can run it together. The business has certain tax benefits as well. Since this is a home-based business you can write-off part of your home and your vehicle.

We are the experts who know exactly how to alleviate an agent’s concerns about the market-readiness of their property listings.

1 Call Does it All

We have developed a unique approach to solve problems for real estate agents and for homeowners – 1 Call Does it All. We take over project management from overwhelmed homeowners, provide peace of mind and reassurance that the job will be completed as promised, on time and with top-notch quality workmanship, and attention to detail. All our work is covered by our one year warranty – this guarantee gives agents and homeowners the confidence to keep coming back to us.

Services we can provide for homeowners and real estate agents:

  • Estate Makeovers
  • Kitchen, Bathroom & Basement Renovations,
  • Flooring Replacement & Refinishing
  • House & Carpet Cleaning
  • Painting, Plastering & Wall Repair
  • Handyman Repairs
  • Staging & Interior Design
  • De-cluttering, Packing, Junk Removal, Odour Removal
  • Landscape Clean-up
  • Curb Appeal & Clean-up

Sooner or later, every homeowner needs our services. The invoiced total for our services can range from a few hundred dollars for a “deep cleaning before listing” to $100,000 or more for large renovation projects, but generally, we concentrate on projects where we can be in and out quickly, ideally within two months.

We help homeowners and real estate agents sell homes faster and for more money:

  • Our expert advice about how to get the greatest return on a homeowner’s renovation dollars is greatly appreciated by real estate agents and homeowners alike. Often homeowners don’t understand why they should spend money on a house they’re selling. Bringing in a second expert opinion helps to increase understanding and educate the real estate agent’s customers.
  • Prep’n Sell can quickly get a homeowner’s property ready to put on the market – in less time than it would take if the homeowner themselves were to source, hire, schedule and manage multiple contractors themselves – who has time for that?
  • Prep’n Sell makes sure the necessary work gets done in a timely way, and the house goes to market as scheduled, and doesn’t sit waiting on the availability of outside contractors
  • Independent contractors are often difficult to find, to schedule and are sometimes reluctant to take on smaller jobs – it’s not worth the travelling time involved in quoting, doing the work, invoicing and collecting for smaller jobs. Prep’n Sell combines these smaller jobs to work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Move-in ready homes attract many more buyers than fixer-uppers (“Can we really live through a renovation when we’re already so busy?”)
  • Small repairs left undone are a “red flag” for many potential purchasers and take money off the table when negotiating home sales (“Hmm, we’ll need to keep back $40K to replace that awful kitchen. The light switch in one of the bedrooms didn’t work. Maybe that’s an indication of bigger problems. I wonder what it costs to re-wire the whole house?”)
  • Homes we work on attract a lot of interest, sell quickly and for more money than they otherwise would
  • Homeowners and real estate agents both benefit from a quicker sale at a higher selling price.
  • Many real estate agents include home prepping and staging as part of their marketing strategy. By using Prep’n Sell, agents don’t need to invest their own time into project management – they would rather be out selling houses!
  • Looking beyond just the immediate job, Prep’n Sell earns repeat business from real estate agents who enthusiastically recommend us to their next clients because we’ve saved them time and increased their profits
  • The bottom line is, when real estate agents recommend Prep’n Sell to their homeowners, homes sell more quickly and for more money. An added bonus for the realtor is that satisfied happy homeowners recommend their real estate agent to all their friends. Prep’n Sell makes realtors look like Heroes!

Two Brands for One Franchise Fee: RenoMAGIC!

Our unique franchise offer includes two franchise Brands. You’ve just learned a bit about Prep’n Sell, but did you know we also have a second Brand, a “little brother” to Prep’n Sell? RENOmagic provides services to homeowners who are very happy in their homes, who aren’t considering moving at all, and who maybe just want their home to better reflect who they are. RENOmagic helps homeowners with large or small-scale renovations. Often these customers come to us because we helped with preparing their previous home for sale, and now that they are in their new home, they need more expert advice about an extensive renovation or small fix-ups to make the new place feel like home.

We get repeat business from real estate agents, and follow-on business from homeowners.
That’s one of the keys to our success story.

Our Marketing Program

We have a strong full-time marketing team to assist you with your day-to-day business promotion. We have the best, most up-to-date tools and services and keep our fingers on the shifting market pulse. Our multi-faceted Marketing Program brings positive exposure to your new franchise and drives customers to you. Here are some examples of our personalized/localized marketing initiatives:


Prep’n Sell will make sure you’re well-equipped to start your business with all the knowledge and tools you need. We have an engaging 7 week training program which combines remote and in-person components. You will learn both theoretical and practical hands-on training for both Brands, Prep’n Sell and RenoMagic.

If you are currently working, you don’t have to stop right away. Prep’n Sell can help ease the transition as you go from full time employee to business owner.

Ongoing Support

Your initial training is not the end of our involvement. When you become a franchisee, you join our Prep’n Sell family. Your success matters to us, and adds to our Brand story. That’s why we continue to provide support to make sure you are growing and adding happy clients to your list.

  • Ongoing coaching on market development
  • Share key networking strategies
  • Ongoing B2B channel development training for real estate companies
  • Centralized marketing initiatives to keep bringing B2C leads and add them to your funnel
  • Ongoing guidance on how to source and retain key sub-contractors

Filling Your Sales Referral Funnel

Our years of experience & insider knowledge of the real estate industry will help you get your foot in the door with local real estate agents – your single biggest source of customer referrals! Prep’n Sell will coach you through the process of building B2B relationships with these local realtors and other potential referral sources to boost your business. Our marketing expertise will drive traffic to your micro-website and leads to your Inbox.

Robust Internal Systems

Prep’n Sell coaches you to write a solid business plan that’s specific to your own Territory. We have everything you’ll need on the operations side already set up and waiting for you: Cloud based CRM software to manage leads, quotes, work orders, invoices, payments and reporting. New franchisees don’t have to worry about designing invoices, quote forms or keeping business records on a spreadsheet.

Partnerships With Contractors

In every business, finding and retaining skilled labour is a critical task – one that’s costly, time-consuming and often frustrating. Our business sector is no different. There may be plenty of skilled home improvement trades people around, thanks to the booming real estate market, but the difficulty is in finding the right people for the job who are available at the right time! At Prep’n Sell, we’ve solved this challenge with our mutually beneficial partnering opportunity with our sub-contractors – our Success Opportunity for Contractors.

One of the reasons our business model is so profitable is because we work with reliable, independent contractors. We teach our franchisees how to work with their trades people and build long-term relationships so the right contractors are always ready to get to work when we need them. You will learn more about the program during the discovery phase.

We Care for our Customers: Creating a Remarkable Experience

Prep’n Sell’s philosophy is to Create a Remarkable Experience for our customers! Homeowners are often anxious about the horror stories they’ve heard about home renovations gone sideways. With our recommendation from their realtor, our expertise and our customer satisfaction guarantee, we set their minds at ease. We provide a one-year warranty on all work we do – guaranteed. With Prep’n Sell, 1 Call truly does Do It All!

What is the Process of Buying a Franchise Like?

We will guide you through the Discovery process in stages by providing information to help you evaluate our franchise business model, and assessments to help you determine if Prep’n Sell is the right fit for you.

We will speak with you and ask you to complete some easy questionnaires to help us get to know you – your background, experience, education, skills and personality – to see if you’re the right fit for Prep’n Sell. If you have what it takes to be successful with Prep’n Sell, we’ll offer to award a franchise territory to you.

You’re free to take all the time you need to evaluate the business; we want you to be confident that Prep’n Sell is right for you.

Once you decide to join Prep’n Sell, we want you to be excited about getting started with your new Prep’n Sell franchise!

Ready to Talk?

When you find a franchise concept that inspires you, that has a national dream, and that shares your values and your passion for excellence, the decision to jump on board becomes easy.

  • Our goal is to build strong franchises – focusing on quality over quantity. We award one franchise at a time.
  • We concentrate, focus and invest our energy towards developing one franchise territory at a time, to ensure that you, the franchisee, are set up for success.


Hear what our Franchisees say about us

  • Not only is the real estate industry a great business to work in, the Prep’n Sell model is unique, alone in its services. Therefore we provide a service no one else can in an industry with endless possibilities.

    I enjoy people and making new contacts daily. I want to be the go-to person for all my contacts when it comes to getting things done. This franchise allows me to do this.
    I chose to be here because the business was young and not set in their ways, a real chance to be a part of something great from the ground floor, if you will. A chance to have input and feel part of a growing team. Many other franchises are large and your support team is made up of manuals on a shelf.

    – RICHARD, British Columbia (FRANCHISEE SINCE 2016) –

  • I was always traveling out of town for work, only home for a week out of the month, missing out on family events. Now that I’m with Prep’N Sell, it has been the best choice I’ve made, career-wise, for the opportunities I have now, creating my own schedule. When you’re stuck or have a challenge you’re not sure how to approach, someone from the team can point you in the right direction, and the team isn’t just a team, it’s a family.

    – JORDAN, Ontario (FRANCHISEE SINCE 2018) –

  • I was immediately attracted to the great business concept of Prep ‘N Sell, a very unique and needed offering within the Real Estate arena.
    The Prep ‘N Sell ‘One Call Does It All’ provides an easy solution for property owners facing the daunting task of preparing their property for sale. We can look after most everything needed from the construction side, to prep the property for sale.
    What also attracted me to this business was the personal involvement and level of appreciation I typically receive for a job well done.
    The renovation business is dynamic and I continue to learn daily. What is key, I enjoy what I do!

    – HUGH, Ontario (FRANCHISEE SINCE 2015) –

  • After exploring many options, industries and ideas, it became obvious to us that, if we were going to be successful, we needed to align ourselves with someone that could provide support in the areas we were not experienced with. This is why we began investigating franchises. We wanted something unique, but that would make use of the knowledge and experience we had gained in our many years of working for others. A Prep’n Sell franchise was the answer!
    David Collier and the team at Prep’n Sell are very supportive. They have everything set up to make starting a Prep’n Sell franchise easy with training, advertising materials, software, etc. They are always making improvements to help us deliver expert service to our customers. They listen to our needs/ideas and try hard to accommodate us in any way they can, while allowing us the autonomy of doing things our own way.
    It has been a wild ride as our business took off and surpassed our expectations. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to become Prep’n Sell franchise owners!

    – KIM & FRANK, Ontario (FRANCHISEES SINCE 2018) –

Franchise Initial Investment*

The initial investment required to purchase a franchise territory and start your business:

Franchise Fee $27,500

Starter Package $7,500

Total Initial Investment $35,000 (plus HST)

* as at Feb 2019, subject to change

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