Removing a Garage on your property can be final

We deal with countless clients looking to prep their home for sale. In the some cases the garage may come up.

It may be an eye sore for the property, neglected for years, leaning, even falling over.

We have seen many in this condition.

If you as the seller decide to take it down and clear up the space to make it look better, a new buyer will have to apply for a permit to construct a new one.

The present day building codes change from when it was built.

So something it is better to fix it up and leave it there. It can be sold a fixer upper as the new owner can fix it up, renovate it but still have a garage.

If they want to remove I they can.

As you can see the garage here was removed and cleared up a lot of space in the back yard. They opted for a small shed to store their landscaping tool and bikes.

The other one was in a semi and when we took the garage down for the client, had to brace the neighbor garage up so it did not fall down.

I hope this helps you