Restoring wood floors for the new buyers

When someone buys a new house and all the furniture is gone, you can see the scratches and wear from the traffic patterns of whoever lived there.

The floors can look great when all the furniture is there, so it is a good idea to if you like it to be restored.

Take this house for instance, the clients wanted I to look like new. We did it, we can even change the finish from Semi-gloss to a satin.

Wood floors as much easier to worked on when there is no furniture. When the sellers leave before the buyers enter is the ideal time.

It is quick and easy.

We can clean the floor, screen the wood(gently scratches the finish as nothing sticks to urethane) and apply another coat of finish.

Let it dry and the next day, depending on humidity, you can move in. It may take a few days to cure so be gentle and your floors can look like new.

No deep sanding required.

A service that can be arranged by Prep’n Sell.

Making your place look like new!