Summer Cleaning Projects

Ah, Summer … for many Canadians, Canada Day signals the start of our favourite season … a time to escape to the cottage, plan a get-away to a beautiful beach, or just enjoy a great meal or a refreshing beverage with friends at our favourite outdoor patio.

Wait just a minute, though.  Smart homeowners also need to plan to get necessary jobs done around the house while the weather permits. Summer is a good time to address needed repairs, make improvements, give your home a fresh new look, or get to that Spring Cleaning that never seems to get done in Spring! Does that mean you have to spend our already-too-short summer busily working on your home? Not at all! Our Prep’n Sell experts can take care of all your home care needs with just One Call – while you laze on the dock at the cottage or soak up some rays at the beach.

Here are some home cleaning jobs you should plan on taking care of this summer:

Carpet Cleaning


We’re not just talking about vacuuming – we mean deep cleaning by professionals! Carpets gather all kinds of dirt and dust. Year round, people walk on carpet with shoes on, and one professional I know says bare feet are even worse for your carpet than shoes. If you have kids or pets, food spills, messes and pet dander can accumulate. Sand, dirt and all kinds of allergens are trapped inside the carpet. A professional carpet cleaner will get rid of these allergens and also remove stains. Their powerful professional equipment will extract whatever dirt is stuck deep inside the fibres. Periodic professional cleaning helps extend the life of your carpet.

Organize the Garage


The garage probably went through a lot during the winter months, accumulating a handsome amount of road salt and dirt. Most homeowners also use the garage as the designated storage space for all sorts of unused stuff keeps. In the colder months, items often just get relegated to the garage without any kind of organization plan in mind. We promise ourselves, “This box will be put away in a logical place – just as soon as it’s not -20ƒC!” Summer time is a good time to show your garage some love. First of all, take everything out and de-clutter by deciding what to keep and what to donate or throw out. Keep what you will use immediately and pack away and store items you won’t need for a while. You can pressure wash the floor and paint the walls. You can also consider adding overhead storage, peg boards, and bins to keep things clean and organized in the future.

Clean HVAC Ducts & Vents & Change Filters

Over the winter months dust and bacteria settles in your vent. Before the AC starts to work in full swing it’s always a good idea to have your HVAC ducts cleaned. While that’s being done, remember to also give all the vent covers a good cleaning. Accumulated dirt might be making your air conditioner work harder, shortening its lifespan and driving up your electricity bill.  Duct cleaning can really only be done by professionals, but homeowners can clean those vent covers and install new furnace filters on their own. Changing the furnace filter now – in summertime – is just as important as it is in the winter since the AC runs through the furnace system.

Wash Windows

window wash

Let the sunshine in! Autumn, winter and spring have taken their toll on your windows, leaving behind a buildup of dirt. Letting a professional clean your exterior windows is a smart move because when you’re up on a ladder, mishaps are common. Professionals know how to accomplish the work efficiently and safely. Don’t trust this to uninsured fly-by-night companies – it’s your homeowner’s insurance that covers them for when they injure themselves on your property.

Exterior Cleanup

clean house

Like the windows, the exterior walls of your house are also dirty after being exposed to falling leaves, snow and rain for quite a while now. Isn’t it about time you freshened up the exterior of your home by booking a professional pressure washing?  If you’re thinking of selling your home this summer, pressure washing is a must-do that will help your home look its best.

When thinking of hiring a pro for work around your home, think Prep’n Sell. Our work comes with a one year warranty – guaranteed. Get out and enjoy this Summer! You deserve it.