Tips for Preparing Your Home for Sale

House for sale

Unless you want your home to sit on the market indefinitely, you need to put some thought into how you’re going to present it when you sell it. Fortunately, preparing your home for sale doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some tips for preparing your home for sale.

Spring Cleaning … in August?

Regardless of what time of year it is, give your home a thorough ‘spring clean’ to make it more appealing to buyers. Clean the windows, shampoo any carpets you have, and wax your floors before any viewings. Don’t forget the little details – polishing the faucets and doorknobs may seem like overkill, but the newer and shinier things look, the more appealing they’ll be to buyers.

Don’t forget the outside of your house – curb appeal is super important! Clean your siding and tackle any landscaping maintenance to make the home as inviting as possible from the outside.

De-personalize your home

Buyers must be able to imagine themselves living in your home, and that may be hard to do if your collection of clown figurines is staring them in the face. Try to make your home as neutral and impersonal as possible so that potential buyers can imagine themselves living in the space. This may mean taking down family photos and artwork drawn by your children, but the hassle of stashing these away will be worth it when your house sells more quickly.

De-clutter your home

Once you’ve removed your personal items, take a hard look at how the space in your home is being used. If you have too much furniture or awkwardly placed objects, consider putting them in storage to make your home feel more spacious. Space is a valuable commodity when it comes to selling a house, so make sure your potential buyers see plenty of it when they view your home.

Remove or replace your favourite things

If you plan on taking that glass chandelier with you, go ahead and replace it before you show your home. Buyers don’t want to be sold a product that will change after they buy it, so make it clear that whatever they see, they can have, at the right price.

Improve Landscaping

Curb appeal matters. Make sure the lawn is mowed, trees and plants are trimmed. If anything is dead it must be removed from the lawn. Weeding the garden and planting new flowers or grass can really elevate the overall curb appeal of the house.


Every house needs some repairs. Check whether the kitchen and bathroom faucets are working properly, check for any plumbing issues, take care of major defects such as broken windows or broken handles or door knobs. Buyers will be looking for weaknesses. Make sure your house is flawless.

Eliminate Odors

Nothing turns a buyer off faster than nasty odors in a house. Get professional help if your aromatic candle treatment is not working. An ozone machine can help eliminate unwanted odors the majority of the time, but in some extreme cases you might have to wash your walls to completely eradicate bad smells (i.e – cigarette smoke).   

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