Home Renovation Trends For 2020

home renovations

With the new year upon us, we can reflect on what worked well in the real estate market in 2019 and will continue to work throughout 2020. An increase in demand for space seems to be one of the best areas to focus on this year.   The Bathroom Floating cabinets give the illusion of … Continue reading Home Renovation Trends For 2020

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The Secrets for Selling a Home in the Winter

Traditionally, the real estate market is slow in the winter. Unless you live in a climate that’s warm year-round it’s not the best time to put your home on the market. Poor weather conditions discourage buyers from venturing out and often presents the property in a negative dreary look compared to the Spring! However, there … Continue reading The Secrets for Selling a Home in the Winter

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Curb Appeal Guide

House with great curb appeal

Have you ever thought about how your home looks to potential buyers? Go across the street and look up. Often the eaves-troughs, roof, and chimney are visible from the far side of your street. Do they need maintenance or repair? Does your house have painted elements that are in need of attention? Now scan down … Continue reading Curb Appeal Guide

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Should You DIY?

Broken board-DIY

You want to make your home look AH-MAZ-ING before you put it on the market, to maximize your chances of attracting the right buyers and getting the highest possible price for your biggest asset – your home. How do you know which jobs you can tackle yourself, and which ones should be left to the … Continue reading Should You DIY?

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Tools of the Trade: What you need for Home Renovations

DIY tools

If you want to tackle a little DIY renovation work, you’d better have the right tools for the job. Done right, home renovations can make your home more attractive to buyers and help you sell your home faster. Here are the ‘tools of the trade’ you’ll need to tackle those home renovations yourself. Measuring Tape … Continue reading Tools of the Trade: What you need for Home Renovations

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